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Thursday 17 November

The trophies of the 2nd SOUVENIR CINERAIRE 2011 Competition will be awarded at 12:30 pm in the reading room (Passage N) on Thursday 17th November.

Check out all the competing projects at the trade show entrance concerning this competition that will award 3 trophies in different categories: Columbarium, Garden of Remembrance and Cinerary Monument.

Information on the website

6.30pm - 8.30pm : CSNAF chaired by Remy Bernier invite you to the official Cocktail of Funéraire Paris 2011.

Program : a jazz band, champagne and canapés as well as whiskey tasting. A unique opportunity to network with professionals (exhibitors and visitors).

At 6:30 p.m. at the restaurant "Le Club"

Le Bourget Exhibition Centre, Hall 2, Aisle A


Thursday 17 November


With the following additional information: mandatory diplomas on 1st January 2013 (ongoing), payment of funerals by debit from the bank account of the deceased (amendment to the consumer legislation), simplification of funeral operations (decree dated 28 January 2011), presented by the CPFM.

3:00 pm : "The Funeral Heritage - Funeral Museums of the World"

Presented by IAFM - International Association of Funeral Museums

The World Funeral Heritage Committee is an initiative of FIAT-IFTA founded in 2008 at the International Convention in Barcelona.

Its goal is defined in the CHARTER of the WORLD FUNERAL HERITAGE :
  • Providing support for and consolidating funeral museums and funeral exhibitions all around the world.
  • The study and understanding of the World Funeral Heritage to preserve and protect it.
  • The promotion of knowledge of the World Funeral Heritage.
  • The promotion and propagation of publications and studies concerning the World Funeral Heritage while respecting local and national specifics.

Friday 18 November

11.00am : « Between tradition and modernity, what are the new representations of death, and what are the new expectations of the families in terms of funerary products and services? »

Presented by the sociologist Tanguy Châtel based on the main results of the sociological survey conducted in partnership with CSNAF and CPFM.

3.00pm : « The changes in funerary rites in Europe in the 21st century and their interpretation relative to the change in mentalities today. »

This conference will be presented by Mrs. Kerstin Gernig, Specialist in Funeral Industry.

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