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Thursday 19 November 2009

  • Inauguration by the Ministry of the Interiorr DGCL – Local Authorities Department (pending confirmation).

    Take advantage of visiting the exhibition to learn more, discuss issues and ask questions in this topical debate concerning your profession, and the direct implications this has on your establishments.
    You will enrich your knowledge, so don‘t hesitate to devote an hour of your visit to taking part in this debate. Quality speakers will be there to answer you.

  • 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm: In partnership with the Salon Funéraire 2009, la CPFM (Confédération des Professionnels du Funéraire et de la Marbrerie) is organising a conference on the law of 19/12/2008 on the funeral trade and its application decrees::
  • Simplification of police controls and reform of the fee system
  • Administrative authorisations for funeral operations
  • Cremation: Destinations of ashes
  • Management of cemeteries: Obligation to provide a “cinerarium” for municipalities with more than 2,000 inhabitants
  • Cremation of exhumed remains
  • Application of the procedure for monuments threatened with ruin
  • Model estimate for funerals
  • Creation of a funerary studies diploma
  • Revaluation of burial contracts and the national list.

  • 3:30 pm: Conference organised by Funéraire Magazine on Funéraire Magazine on Burial Grounds, Cinerary Questions.. Chaired by Olivier Gehin, it will present among other topics the results of the questionnaire sent in by crematorium directors on the organisation of the cinerary memory.
    The results and the presentation of the Trophies for the 1st SOUVENIR CINERAIRE competition will be divulged around 5:00 pm. To participate or obtain further information, log on to www.funerairemagazine.com.
  • Friday 20 November 2009

  • 09:30 am - 12:30 pm: UPF Generale Assembly (Conference Hall).

  • 2:00 – 3:00 pm: Conference by Credoc - Presentation of the results of its third Survey on “The French and Funerals”.

  • 3:00 pm: If you are an embalmer or would like to become one, come along to attend this conference which will provide you with all the information you need on this highly topical issue. In partnership with the Salon Funéraire 2009, the CPFM is organising a conference on the development of the national embalming diploma: The national embalming diploma, evaluation of the practical training.
  • Saturday 21 November 2009

  • 10:00 am – 11:00 am: Embalming in France from the Middle Ages to modern times or a new history of thanatopraxy - Conference moderated by Mélanie Lemonnier, Doctor in Ethnology (doctoral thesis validated on 29 March 2006 – Embalming and embalmers: ethno-historical study of embalming practices).
    As it involves filling the body by injecting a preserving solution through the arteries, thanatopraxy may be defined as an embalming technique focused exclusively on material concerns. Destined to preserve, temporarily, the body of a dead person while waiting to be transferred to the chosen place of rest or to expose the face to receive last respects, this practice is part of a long French funerary tradition that began in the Middle Ages. However, the choice of embalming is little known by the general public, including as a technique for restoring bodies that are in a poor condition. The diversity of terms used, the fluctuation of definitions given and withholding information on the process make thanatopraxy a difficult practice to identify. It is a practice in the shadows, behind which hides a body of stigmatised professionals, held to the initiatic secret of the pierced heart
    and thrown away blood.
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