The conferences

  • The first talk in detail...

    CPFMRecourse to mediation for professionals and families.


    UPFPUnder French law, companies are required to provide consumers with access to a mediator in the event of a dispute. The aim is to “de-legalise” relations stemming from a dispute between an individual and an industry professional. The mediator’s contact information must be included in the terms and conditions of sale of all operators and be provided to a consumer upon request. Companies failing to comply are liable for heavy fines.


    The CPFM and UPFP (French public funeral sector union) are teaming up to provide an appropriate response for the profession

    - presented only in French - Thursday 23 November at 3pm.



    • Alain BACHELIER, Médiateur
    • Marie-Claude CHERAMY, Directrice Générale des PFI de Tours
    • Richard FERET, Directeur Général délégué de la CPFM
    • Patrick LEROGNON, Président de l’UPFP
    • Michel MARCHETTI, Co-Président de la CPFM
  • … the second talk in summary

    CPFMA major step forward for the profession: online death certificates.

    "Supporting the switch to paperless death certificates: from an initial trial in 2017 to widespread application in 2018" ,

    a talk organised by the CPFM (French confederation of funeral and marble masonry professionals)- presented only in French -
    Friday 24 November at 11am.



    • Richard FERET, Chief Operating Officer, CPFM
    • Pierre LARRIBE, Head of Legal Affairs, CPFM
    • Isabelle CARTON, French Directorate General for Health (DGS),
    • Grégoire REY, Director, Laboratory for Disease Control (CepiDc), INSERM
    • Fabrice MOUTE, Deputy Director of Information Systems, INSERM
    • Two funeral directors who will provide feedback on the trial
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