The CSNAF is the French Trade Association of the Funeral Industry, at the initiative of the creation of Funéraire Paris trade exhibition in 1987, has chaired the organization for more than 35 years. Thereby, Funéraire Paris has become the biennial trade exhibition bringing together all the funeral sector actors. 

The syndicate works in favour of the long-term sustainability of all trades in the funeral profession. By conducting economic studies, CSNAF encourages shared reflection on how to promote the know-how of its members against a growing international competition.



"Since 1987, the FUNÉRAIRE PARIS trade exhibition has presented the best of the French and international manufacturers offer.

It provides a complete overview of the funeral industry and demonstrates its dynamism in all the families of products and services relative to the funeral market. The French Trade Association of the Funeral Industry (CSNAF), which initiated this event, is proud to contribute to the promotion of French manufacturers.

This new 2023 edition will testify to the exhibitors' modernity and will show their ability to adapt to the constraints of our time."

Sylvestre Olgiati, President of the CSNAF and of Funéraire Paris trade exhibition
Aubin de Magnienville

The CSNAF presents France's funeral industry

The register of condolences
Register of condolences manufacturers use materials that must last over time and ensure that the registers age well.
The bronzes
Decorative objects, engravings and bronzes decorate the plaque or funerary monument and constitute a final tribute to the deceased.
The coffin
The coffin is a very technical and complex product to manufacture.
The care of conservation 
Thanatopraxy is defined as the totality of care given to the dead.
The funeral plaque
In France, funeral plaques manufacturers use quality materials.
The lining
The lining, which is not obligatory, allows the coffin to be personalised.
The monument 
Marble and granite manufacturers work together to create unique pieces.
The floral composition 
The funeral florist must have a great skill of welcome and attention.
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Salon Funéraire Paris

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